Exciting! I’m a Podcast guest

Glasgow based counsellor and outdoor therapist Sean Tierney recently launched a new podcast called “The Go Outside podcast”. He’s looking at what nature means to us, the healing power of being outside and generally encouraging people to – well, go outside! We’ve connected on Instagram and I was delighted to be one of his first guests. Sean and I seem to have very similar ideas as to how we work and how we view our relationship with nature – we only had a short time talking but I think he’s one of those people I could talk to for hours!

If you’d like to hear it then go check it out on Spotify, I’m one of three guests this episode and cover some of my ethos about working outside, some of what I’ve learnt reflecting on my connection with nature, and about how it fits with counselling outside. Other topics covered are about how exploring nature shaped a family’s lockdown and Sean and his wife talking about their nature experiences.

Would love to hear your thoughts, come find me or Sean on social media!