About Me

I’m Jennifer Deacon – mostly known as Jen. I work with people with anxiety, people who have a gnawing feeling that they’ve done something wrong, people who are afraid but don’t know why, people who want to embrace the world but find they can’t quite do it. Feel familiar?

I started training as a counsellor about a decade ago, after a busy career in the corporate world and later as a freelance consultant. I understand the stresses and strains of a professional job, of managing family life with a career and how imposter syndrome can keep you awake at night.

During my counselling training I found out about ecotherapy and outdoor therapy. I’d always known how much better I felt when I spent time outside, and to find out that this was something that I could combine with counselling was amazing! If you find that your mood is lifted after a good walk, now imagine that with a counsellor alongside you, helping you tackle your feelings out in the fresh air. Over the last few years I’ve done lots of additional work about working outside and now help other counsellors who are starting to work outdoors.

I’m a good listener (I hope so at least, otherwise I need another career change) and I really, really love my work. Helping people overcome their problems, change the way that they see themselves and flourish is the best thing in the world, And getting to do that whilst exploring the countryside, in woods and with amazing views is an absolute joy.

I can tell you about more about how warm and empathic I am, and how I won’t judge you, but why not give me a call for a quick, no obligation chat to see how we get on? I know how hard reaching out can be, but if you want to leave your anxiety behind and think I might help, get in touch.

Practical Stuff you might want to know:

I’m a registered member of the BACP, and initially studied Person-centred and Experiential Counselling and Psychotherapy at Glyndwr University. Since then I have undertaken a lot of additional training on various aspects of counselling and psychotherapy, such as anxiety and depression and delivering single session therapy. In particular I’ve done further study on counselling outdoors and hold various certificates around ecotherapy and nature therapy and most recently completed a supervision qualification