If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, weighed down by anxiety or fed up of comparing yourself to everyone else who seems to have it sorted we should talk. I’m Jennifer – a BACP registered counsellor and outdoor therapist often to be found in the woods of Shropshire!  I work with people like you to help you feel more like yourself again, so you can enjoy life and have more belief in yourself. 

  • Is everything a bit much and you’re not sure where to turn?
  • Feel like you’re fighting to stay afloat and that any time things might crumble?
  • Are you holding yourself back because of the constant rumbling of anxiety?
  • Confidence and self esteem at an all time low?

Anxiety comes in many forms, but however it’s affecting you, we will work together so you don’t have to feel like this any more. I’ll help you make sense of your feelings and find a way to tackle them so you can live your life more fully. Life doesn’t need to be so hard – we’ll work to get to the heart of what’s holding you back so you can enjoy life and your relationships without worry.

I mostly work outdoors with clients (sometimes called walk and talk) in and around Shrewsbury and Telford. You might find it’s easier to talk when we’re walking as you feel more relaxed and less pressured – although some clients prefer to find somewhere to sit whether that’s on a bench or under a tree. Being outdoors gives the benefits of beautiful countryside alongside your therapy, it’s a great combination but whether we are indoors or outside my focus is on helping you tackle your anxiety, so you don’t have to feel like this anymore.  

We will work together in the way that you think will suit you best, for some clients that will be regular sessions, or you might prefer to have a longer, one off outdoor focus session (or single session therapy).

As well as being a counsellor and outdoor therapist, I also explore ecotherapy in other ways – I am a forest bathing practitioner (shinrin yoku) and run various group workshops.

For fellow practitioners I can offer supervision here in Shropshire, as well as training and CPD on outdoor therapy and developing your outdoor practice.

I hope that you find the information that you need on my website, but the easiest way to answer any questions is just to get in touch! I’d be delighted to hear from you, just give me a call or drop me a message through my contact page.


Here’s my instagram feed, I’m also on facebook too, come say hello!