What can I expect from the first session?

No-one comes to counselling to fill in paperwork but it’s important that we’ve got an agreement as to how we work together so you feel safe to explore things that are often deeply personal and sensitive for you. As part of that our initial session will be online, so that we can introduce ourselves, and also for me to outline some of the things that it’s important we agree on before we get started. Confidentiality is a big one, I’ll explain what the limits of my confidentiality are and we’ll look at a few other things about how our sessions might work.

There will be plenty of time for you to start to outline what’s brought you to counselling, and we’ll begin to build a picture of what you want to explore. Towards the end of the session we’ll look at working outdoors or whether you want to stay online and make some plans for future sessions.

I’ve written a blog post about our first sessions, you can read more about it here.