Outdoor Counselling – our first few sessions

Whether you’ve had counselling or not, it can be a bit daunting meeting for our first session, so here’s a bit about what to expect.

To start with we’ll have an online session, usually on Zoom. This will be to meet and introduce ourselves and to look at the counselling agreement. Whilst no-one comes to therapy to talk about admin, there are a few important things that we’ll need to discuss! This includes talking about confidentiality and so you can be clear on what the limits of what I can keep confidential are. But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time in that first session for you to outline what’s brought you to counselling and for us to look at how we might work together.

If you’re happy to go ahead with future sessions we’ll get that booked in, and we’ll look at some things that are different counselling outdoors, and what that might mean. That includes confidentiality working outside which I’ll be covering in another blog post

Then in future sessions we’ll meet in or around Shrewsbury and Telford at one of the parks, woods, nature reserves and other outdoor spaces that I work from. During the sessions we’ll work at your pace alongside nature. For some clients they might want to find a spot to sit and talk, others prefer to walk and talk. We can stop and look at things that catch our eyes if you like, it’s amazing how often you will spot something in nature that makes a connection with something you’d like to explore in therapy with me.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what to expect but if you’ve any questions do get in touch with me either through the contact page here on my website, or through my social media – www.facebook.com/yournatureuk